Tale of Bow & Arrow [2.3.6] APK + (Mod Money) for Android
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Download Tale of Bow & Arrow APK + (Mod Money) for Android devices free on APKMod1.Com Tale of Bow & Arrow is a cute action game in the familiar mechanics of archery in 2D. Residents of the whole region have been regularly attacked by various gangs, monsters and their leaders for a long time. Tired of this, they hired a skilled warrior ready for trophies from the bodies of defeated enemies to help deal with problems. Shoot accurately and on advance, collect all the valuable, improve ammunition and weapons, as well as buy stylish costumes for your character. Tale of Bow & Arrow [2.3.6] APK + (Mod Money) for Android 2 Tale of Bow & Arrow + (Mod Money) for Android

Use your extraordinary targeting skills to:

● Save the villages. Be the Hero that everyone needs right now!
● Battle a series of onslaughts in Single Player. Rise your rank in the Leaderboards!
● Never-before-seen duel! Multiplayer mode with two choices.
● Invite your friends for a duel through Facebook.
● Fight against random opponents in a duel. Tale of Bow & Arrow [2.3.6] APK + (Mod Money) for Android 3

Collect gold and find diamonds to upgrade bows, arrows, helmets, shields and armors.
Get magical items to defend yourself against fiery enemies. Features:

● Easy controls and addictive gameplay.
● Minimalist graphics and theatrical animations.
● Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements.
● Addicting & Endless Gameplay.
● Easy to play, hard to master.
● Share your scores and dare your friends.
● Leaderboards that lets you compete with everyone.
● Great exercise for the brain.
● Play without the internet.
● Play offline.
● Brain teasers and brain games for adults. Tale of Bow & Arrow [2.3.6] APK + (Mod Money) for Android 3


Bug fixed.

Whats new?

Bug fixed.

Download Free Tale of Bow & Arrow [2.3.6] APK + (Mod Money) for Android

Version 2.3.6 (6 downloads)

Version 2.3

archer-io-tale-of-bow-arrow-v2.3-mod.apk (79.08 MB) (4 downloads)

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