Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker Adventure [1.14.5] APK MOD free for Android

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker 1.14.5 information:

App nameArt Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker
Platform5.0 and up
Latest ModUnlimited Coin, Unlimited Gem, Unlimited Cash, Unlimited Token, Unlimited Ticket
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Are you ready to join Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker Adventure game? This is the newest Simulation game. This game develops PIXIO. Your devices have to Android 5.0 and up. At now, this game is over 500,000+ downloads and installs on Google Play. Players are joined this game is increasing. Players are very attracted when playing this game. Let’s discovery Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker Adventure game now. Don’t forget to enjoy this game with MOD APK free for Android on now. Enter this game and enjoy

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker Adventure [1.14.5] APK MOD free for Android 2

Ever dreamed about building your own gallery? Maintaining and curating it, picking out which exhibits to show to the public? Achieving fame and fortune, making billions and becoming a museum billionaire tycoon?

You can do exactly that (and more!) with Art Inc – let your wildest art gallery dreams come true! Climb to the top of the world and show off your unique exhibits and world-famous artifacts for everyone to ooh and aah at. Go for gold, strike for riches – bathe in cash!

Start as a no-name gallery and level up to become the most epic, first-class, famous place to be. Bid at celebrated auctions to buy famous artifacts only billionaires can afford: from Ancient Egyptian Mummies, Rare Gold Pieces, Science Fiction Alien UFOs to Prehistoric Dinosaur Fossils – collect them all!

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker Adventure [1.14.5] APK MOD free for Android 3

Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker Adventure Game Features

  • Easy, Fun, Idle Gameplay: Bid for artwork, sculptures, airplanes, wall hangings, bones and more at exclusive auctions!

  • Your Favorite Art: Collect famous artwork, celebrated sculptures and classical statues by Van Gogh, Picasso, Da Vinci and more.

  • Be Trendy: Put up exhibits and artifacts depending on what’s the most trending at the moment to earn more gold, cash and money! (Mmm, my favorite three words!)

  • Collect Them All: Make billions and hire high profile and unique characters to keep your gallery safe! From celebrities, fictional characters to famous artists! (Even aliens, too!)

  • Friendship Matters: Go on idle personal quests requested by your recruits and collect treasures and riches hidden all over the world.

  • Get Money: Collect donations of appreciation (like cash, diamonds, gold – and let’s not forget, money, money, MONEY) from visitors of your gallery!

  • Become a Billionaire Tycoon: Search for gold and riches – for there’s fame and fortune galore waiting just for you at the end of the adventure!

  • Achieve Capitalist Fame: Be the Capitalist Dream! Achieve fame and fortune by placing your museum at the top of the rankings!

  • Hours and Hours of Content: You’ll always find something to do, whether it’s decorating, managing or bidding! (And even when you’re off the game too – idle rules!)

  • Exciting and Casual: From stress-free idle adventure gameplay to high-octane bidding wars, there’s something for everyone!

  • Completely Free: Free to play… For life!

Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker Adventure [1.14.5] APK MOD free for Android 4

Compete with other bougie billionaire auction-goers to buy the art that you want for your gallery! Flaunt your billions, your cash and riches! Bid for great artifacts and use fancy skills to beat others back! Find out what kind of artwork is trending and display them to gain massive rewards!

What happened to the REAL Mona Lisa? Track down what the elusive Silver Fox stole from you and teach him a lesson! Follow the exciting storyline by completing quests and collecting recruits. Collect back your riches and fortune to become an even better museum tycoon!

With help from your trusty butler-caretaker Wilfred, add famous characters to your arsenal and hire them to help you out at the gallery! Recruit guards, explorers and buyers from the Renaissance to classic mystery novels! Adventure around the world for billions of priceless artifacts!

Improve and evolve your magnificent exhibits by going on adventures and quests; gain coins, cash, gems and use them to hire new recruits, customize your exhibits and bid on art! Become an idle museum tycoon billionaire!

What’s new

OH NO! Dr. Ridley lost all his Chinese Artifacts! Could you help him recover all of them? Solve riddles to uncover the mysteries of the stolen artifacts in the ALL NEW Gala Auctions!

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