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Chinese Kungfu is an action game. This game created by Thumbsoft-CD. It requires Android 6.0 and up. At now, this game has many multiplayer on around the world. Let’s join this game now. Don’t forget to download APK MOD free on and enjoy Chinese Kungfu game.

Chinese Kungfu [2.9.2] APK (Mod Money) free for Android 2

Chinese Kungfu Game Features

Various moves : more than a thousand kung fu moves, more than 2,000 corresponding action moves and more than a thousand basic actions of various characters.

Clear faction: more than a thousand moves are presented in 9 kinds of kung fu, including: Shaolin, Changquan, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing, Cudgel, Spearplay, Swordsmanship and Sabreplay, etc.

Real fighting: real fight is our most basic requirement. Every attack and defense make you look like an action movie. Every move, beaten and the parts are accurate calculations.

Simple operation: we did not design complex operation mode. The left area controls the main character movement, the right button sends moves.

Chinese Kungfu [2.9.2] APK (Mod Money) free for Android 3

Simple gameplay: for having a happy fighting experience, we remove all unnecessary operations, all unnecessary interfaces and all the cumbersome functions. Also, there is no annoying kung fu practice and no time to wait. On the contrary, you just need keep on challenging new floors and explore new kung fu.

Multiple Kung fu: every time defeating a BOSS, you can pick the dropping pieces up and use. Similarly, you can pick the defeated soldier’s pieces and use. So, when you play next time, you can use the picked Kung fu. And each time you re-enter the game, the BOSS and the soldier have different kung fu.

Weapons: each weapon has its own durability. It is possible you are picking up a new one or an old one, so the weapon you get is likely to be used several times and broken.

Chinese Kungfu [2.9.2] APK (Mod Money) free for Android 4

Kung fu mode:

【Challenge mode】First challenge a team of soldiers and you can enter the next floor after defeating the BOSS.

【1 vs 1 mode】There is only one BOSS per floor. You can go to the next floor after defeating him.

【Time mode】You have to reach the floor within the set time and defeat all soldiers, otherwise you will challenge more soldiers.

【Survival mode】You can choose 2 sets of kung fu to play in order, but the enemy may have 2 to 5 sets.

【infinite mode】You can challenge the floor without limit. Expect you reach a higher floor and defeat more soldiers.

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Download Free Chinese Kungfu [2.9.2] APK (Mod Money) free for Android

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