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Code Asylum Action RPG 2.7 information:

App nameCode Asylum Action RPG
PublisherASZ Studio
GenreRole Playing
Platform7.0 and up
Latest ModMod Money
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Beta testing is a complete game with a short history (from 4 to 5 hours of play). All three classes are unlocked during beta testing. New cards can be unlocked with gems. For several generations, the Kingdom of Avant has been living in peace with its neighbors, mostly untouched by the wars of conquest that waged the surrounding small kingdoms and empires. Fat soldiers and a network of strong fortresses are the main means of scaring off invaders, however, Avanga’s long-term freedom is based on her spiritual strength and the firm determination of her people to live in accordance with their sacred beliefs.

The most important saying of the people of the avangan is their belief in refuge and refuge in the safety of anyone who seeks help. The centuries-old Code of Asylum applies even to enemies who ask for protection: their asylum requests must be recognized and respected.

The second most important adage of the Avantan people is the Code of Revenge, which requires that any mortal harm be compensated to the aggressor from pain, suffering and death a thousand times. Adherence to this code has warned large kingdoms against the risk of apocalyptic conflict.

And what happens when the Asylum Code conflicts with the Code of Vengeance? How to coordinate the need to protect the enemy with the need to destroy him? It will be your question to solve … 3rd person action RPG offline role-playing game, with three classes, warrior, wizard and archer. Beautiful open world and unique dungeon. The player has the ability to ride / mount a horse and a dragon (in a future update). A unique collection of legendary swords, shields, bows, staves and rifles.

Whats new?

Release 3.0Fixes Black Screen Problem on Android 8.0 and aboveRelease 2.6 Unlocked All Maps Fixed Boar Bug Fixed Mount Collider Bug

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Version 2.7:

Code-Asylum-v2.7.apk (16 downloads)

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