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Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game in which it’s a lot of fun to build and fire. In the mood for a heartbreaking duel? You will parachute onto a huge battlefield, where a deadly match for 100 players is raging. Beat your way to be the last on your feet.

Build the best, smash the rest! Jump right in this do-it-yourself or die battle, where you can use creative weapons, race against snowstorms and free your inner beast.

A variety of game modes, weather and time systems bring a new level of restless fun. Regardless of whether you fight as a lone wolf or as a team, there are always surprises waiting to be explored! Come to Creative Destruction today and take part in the “Winner Gets Everything” contest and show who you can become.

Whats new?

1. All-new Season 8 - Legend of the Altars is here!

Download Free Creative Destruction + for Android

Version 2.0.2841:

Creative-Destruction-v2.0.2841.apk (2 downloads)

Version 2.0.2761:

Creative-Destruction-v2.0.2761.apk (9 downloads)

Version 2.0.2721 :

Creative-Destruction-v2.0.2721.apk (2 downloads)

Version 2.0.2681:

Creative-Destruction-v2.0.2681-.apk (1 download)

Version 2.0.2642 :

Creative-Destruction-v2.0.2642.apk (4 downloads)

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