Desert Stormfront v1.0.11 + МOD (full version) download free

v1.0.11 + МOD (full version) download free
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Desert Stormfront is a real-time strategy (RTS), located in the Middle East. You play in the hot landscapes of the desert for power and butter. At your disposal there are units, including Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, Mechanics, Helicopters, Aircraft, ships and submarines. Desert Stormfront supports multiplayer games on the local network and the Internet, including cooperative multiplayer.
Desert Stormfront contains a random card generator in addition to the 30 campaign missions. Scenarios include the removal of enemy forces, the capture of the flag, protection from incoming troops, convoy missions, sea and air battles, as well as tank fights. The game tracks high scores and game statistics.


Integrated and using latest Android SDK version.

Download Desert Stormfront v1.0.11 + МOD (full version) Android free

desert-stormfront-v1-0-11-mod.apk (49.52MB) (7 downloads)


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