Eyes – The Scary Horror Game Adventure v5.7.8 + МOD (Free Shopping) download free
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Eyes – the horror game – Quite entertaining toy, in which we need to collect the values ​​of any in the abandoned house. But be careful there is a rumor that the house is haunting the ghost. A terrible atmosphere and a lot of mystery scare the amateur likes to tickle your nerves, and for greater fear play in the dark full.
Face of terrible danger in the form of the ancient phantom phantom Charlie and bloodthirsty, vengeful monster Krasu with a terrible, bizarre appearance (more ghosts and monsters in front).Explore and plunder a spooky abandoned mansion, an eerie old hospital and other scary places.
Use the unique opportunities of the location to your advantage – use the mystical powers of the eye runes to get an idea of ​​the curved mind of the monster, drink the apothecary potions to get temporary improvements, consult the hand drawn map to plan your risky efforts.


* Player can now sprint on the Mansion level
* Issue with the monsters entering rooms on the Hospital improved
* Other bugfixes

Download Eyes – The Scary Horror Game Adventure v5.7.8 + МOD (Free Shopping) Android free

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