Falcon Squad Protectors Of The Galaxy v13.6 + MOD (Mod Money) download free

Falcon Squad Protectors Of The Galaxy is a classic arcade shooter with vertical scrolling and matching graphics style. In the future, mankind, having made a technological leap, will very quickly master the solar system and begin to glance at neighboring worlds. And it does not like those who previously did not advertise their presence there. Their joint preemptive strike to gamers has to be kept, while the main forces are preparing for a counteroffensive.
In the near future, man conquered all the planets of the solar system, becoming the most powerful race in the galaxy. Feeling a potential threat, all other races are fighting for their armed forces, bent on destroying the human race.
A person suffers from a sudden attack, losing a lot of colonies in the process. You, the hero living in seclusion, now return to your own fighter in battle with the evil alien forces.

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– Bug fixes .
– PvP ranking system has changed . Elo ranking system is applied .
– Balance adjustments, and UI/UX improvements have been implemented .

Download Falcon Squad Protectors Of The Galaxy v13.6 + MOD (Mod Money) Android free

falcon-squad-protectors-of-the-galaxy-v13-6-mod.apk (44.16MB) (44 downloads)

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