Jurassic World Alive [2.0.40] APK+ (Unlimited Battery) for Android
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Dinosaurs have returned to rule the earth and they are roaming freely in your world. Explore the surrounding area to find your favorite Free Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs, including awe-inspiring and terrible new breeds than ever before! Let’s discovery Jurassic World Alive game now. Don’t forget to enjoy Jurassic World Alive game with MOD APK free for Android on APKMod1.com now. Enter this game and enjoy

Jurassic World Alive [2.0.40] APK+ (Unlimited Battery) for Android 2

Create hybrids in the lab, discover the world and collect epic dinosaur DNA. Create the perfect strike team and join the battle in a real-time * player vs. * player match. Challenge your friends to get exclusive rewards!

Explore the world with location * based technology and discover dinosaurs on the map. Discover surprises in every corner-you won’t know who you will meet!

Free Jurassic World Alive create unique hybrid dinosaurs in the lab-science has no limit! Dinosaur team to defend and challenge other dinosaurs in real time PVP arena; To get new events and rewards, come back every day and visit nearby supplies to get rewarded and restock your battles.

Post your AR images and videos on social pages to share your legendary dinosaur collection! Become the best dinosaur trainer!

Jurassic World Alive [2.0.40] APK+ (Unlimited Battery) for Android 3

Jurassic World Alive Features:

  • The user will be prompted to log in to their Google account before making a purchase (if it’s not there yet).
  • Payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.
  • Additional information will be provided later informing you of this subscription.
  • Also mentioned that users can manage subscriptions and auto renew.
  • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period.
  • You cannot cancel your current subscription during the active subscription period.
  • Unused portions of the free trial period will be forfeited at the time of purchase by the user if provided

Jurassic World Alive [2.0.40] APK+ (Unlimited Battery) for Android 4

Whats new?

- Darkness has descended in your Jurassic World. Enjoy a brand new map, with activities and events all season long! - Introducing Bloody Battles - Critical attacks will be matched by critical results! - Revised balancing of stat boots for an improved game experience. - Improved short range spawning to better boost your roster. - NEW: VIP FREE Trial! Enjoy a week of VIP member perks! - Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.

Download Free Jurassic World Alive [2.0.40] APK+ (Unlimited Battery) for Android

Version 2.0.40

JWAlive2.0.40apkmod1.com.apk (3 downloads)

Version 2.0.38

JWAlive2.0.38apkmod1.com.apk (4 downloads)

Version 1.14.14

JWAlive1.14.14apkmod1.com.apk (12 downloads)

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