Last Shelter Survival + (Full) for Android

Last Shelter: Survival 1.250.151 information:

App nameLast Shelter: Survival
PublisherLong Tech Network Limited
SizeVaries with device
Platform4.0.3 and up
Latest ModFull
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The zombie virus has spread everywhere. A person is at high risk of becoming the walking dead. We need to insure enough supplies to survive in the zombie world. As the dark night draws near, everything worsens. As a commander, your main duty is to protect your people! Please bring the Vault Population to survival. Resist zombies and restore the house of mankind!

Surviving is just the first step. You must rebuild your city again. Roads are important for connecting cities
Urban planning is a smart strategy for developing big cities. Plan the development of your city in order to increase the efficiency of its work. May your wisdom shine!

Resque Survivors from around the world on a large world map. They will be your followers and will fight by your side! Create an alliance, join forces to confront zombies together. Protect your allies from plunder.

In War Z World, supplies are the key to development. Trade Helicopter will give you the opportunity to exchange supplies for free. Follow a smart resource recovery strategy to get the resources you need to build and grow your city. Z The organization received your SOS. The commander will be sent immediately, hold on!

– World War
Fight enemies around the globe, lead your Empire to greatness and fight until the last man rises.
– Realistic graphics
Everything, from units to maps and heroes, seems very realistic and creates a complete post-apocalypse experience.
– Build your wasteland empire
Absolutely Free Urban Construction, modernization of facilities, R&D, training of soldiers and survivors and a powerful set of heroes just to live a new day, to conquer a new world!
– Hero System
If you like to attack your enemies at a distance, defend yourself from close range or like to develop your base or engage in agriculture, there are many heroes who can help you with all this!
– Strategic gameplay
One set of units just can not win, Warriors, Arrows and Vehicles, you must know your enemy and yourself in order to pass this wasteland of World War Z
– Alliance War
Does he go against different servers or fight for the title of president at home,

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Version 1.250.151

State-of-Survival-v1.5.51.apk (49 downloads)

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