Marooned [2.0] APK + (Mod Money) for Android

Marooned 2.0 information:

App nameMarooned
Platform4.2 and up
Latest ModMoney
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Marooned is an adventure project in which gamers will find themselves in the desert regions of Southeast Asia. In the beginning, they have nothing but the ability to perform simple actions. But gradually they will lose weight, but they will still remain an instrument, build a hut and organize supplies of provisions and other things. But no need to wait until all actions are performed with one click. Players need not only the dexterity of the character, but also their own. Like other qualities.

Marooned + (Mod Money) for Android

Marooned Game Features

So large area
The area is very large in each scene.You can set up a camp and make a campfire anywhere.You can put traps where you think it is easy to catch animals. When raining,you can use containers to hold water.When you can see nothing in the dark night,you can use torch to help you.

Search secret tasks in the game
There are two secret missions in each scene. You need to find it by yourself .Sometimes it will appear under specical conditions.You will get special gifts after completing the main task and hidden tasks.

Marooned [2.0] APK + (Mod Money) for Android 2

Catch and hunt is skilled work
There are many throwing tools in the game,such as stones,bamboo forks,and bows and arrows.Sometimes you will run into preys ,such as the rabbits on grassland,the fishes in the pond and etc. You need to use different tools to catch them.

How to do when you face a large dangerous animial?
When you survive several days,sometimes you will run into some large dangerous animials,such as the wolfs in the Thailand Jungle,the hyenas on African Grassland,and the crocodiles in the Marshland. If you have throwing tools ,you can hit them.Otherwise ,you ‘d better run as fast as you can.

Temptation of food
You can cook in each scene. You need to collect different kinds of food first. The long you survived , more dishes you must need to improve your health.

Marooned [2.0] APK + (Mod Money) for Android 3


  1. Add the new scene “Gobi”

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