Nox Browser – Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy v1.8.1 (ad free) Full Unlocked

Download Free Nox Browser – Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy v1.8.1 (ad free) Full Unlocked APK Android

Nox Browser (🏆 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) is your best choice for the Android browser with the rating of ⭐ complete with features such as popular videos, multiple tabs, high-level data protection, search engines choices, offline browsing, and incognito mode! It can bring you a fast and secure web browsing experience! Say goodbye to the regular slow internet and enjoy high-quality browsing with Nox Browser!

★ Protect Eyes with Night Mode
★ Popular Video on Homepage
★ Access Multiple Tabs Simultaneously
★ Latest News Update
★ Protect Private Data from Trackers
★ Switch Default Search Engine
★ Download Manager
★ Simple and Elegant Interface Design
★ Protect Your Device with Safe Browsing

👀 Protect Your Eyes
The Night Mode feature of Nox Browser can change your screen into natural color and protect your eyes, so it can reduce the blue light which will affect your sleep. It can help to avoid headache and eye pain in a dark environment or at night effectively.

Nox Browser can help you set multiple tabs browsing so that all your favorite websites can automatically start loading every time you launch your browser. You can also open more web pages at the same time! Easily create new tabs by long pressing the tab button and new tabs will be opened, create as many tabs as you want!

Never miss the newest trend! A swipe to the left when you open the Nox Browser and the current most popular videos on Youtube is available for you. One click and new sets of videos are available! Newest videos from top Youtubers available for you!

Top Stories brings you the latest, breaking news which you can access on your homepage. Keep on top of popular stories and news from your country regularly updated throughout the day. Entertainment, sports, politics we have all type of news covered!

Nox Browser for Android makes private browsing simply and to accomplish history-free browsing. Whenever you are in the mood to go off the records on the browser for Android, just open up the settings panel by taping the menu and select the option New Incognito Tab. You can now browse freely on the new incognito tab without leaving any browsing history, search history and cookies. Nox Browser Incognito Mode offers you real private browsing experience without leaving any historical data.

Nox Browser automatically uses Google as the default search engine in the browser tab, and it is possible to change the default search engine to any search engine of your choices, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. Keyword search suggestions and the personalized search ability to do the quick search in many search engines.

Nox Browser download management feature can help you easily access and view information of downloads. It shows downloads progress with pause, resume and cancel options, furthermore, it downloads files in parallel to increase and accelerate the transfer speed.

In addition to multiple browsing tabs, its features include social share integration, location-aware browsing, and bookmarks. Desktop browsing also available, choose between mobile and desktop version of the website.

Nox Browser offers a fast browsing experience. Users can find the article that browser selected based on users previous browsing history, and give access to top sites, spend your time browsing your favorites sites and contents instead of looking for them.

Nox Browser examines billions of URLs and content and warns users when they navigate to unsafe sites. Protect mobile devices against online threats.

Nox Browser – Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy v1.8.1 (ad free) Full Unlocked

Free Download Nox Browser – Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy v1.8.1 (ad free) Full Unlocked APK Android


Nox Browser – Fast & Safe Web Browser, Privacy v1.8.1 (ad free) Full Unlocked (86 downloads)

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