Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie [1.125] APK + (Mod Money/No Hunger) for Android
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Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie 1.125 information:

App namePrey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie
SizeVaries with device
Platform4.1 and up
Latest ModEnemy can’t attack, Starving Level Max, Water Level Max, Access all locations on MAP
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Prey Day: Survival – Craft & Zombie – MMORPG in the world of zombies and mutants, as well as a few survivors trying to consolidate this status. Alone, surviving is really difficult, and sometimes very quickly, the game pushes players to cooperate and even create clan enclaves. This is the only way to provide everyone with guaranteed food and protection from both monsters and greedy, ruthless PvP fans.

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie + (Mod Money) for Android

Game Description

Prey Day is an online, multiplayer, top-down shooter survival game which takes place in a huge city in a world after a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed a large part of the population, leaving only the last handful of survivors on earth. Most of the inhabitants have become zombies or mutated under the influence of the virus. Among the labyrinth of empty streets, survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes, and venture outside to discover the cause of the infection that left the world in a state of survival.

You are one of the few survivors whose destiny is directly related to these events. In your life after the apocalypse, you’ll deal with hunger and thirst, look for other survivors’ camps, and spend your dark days crafting your own shelter from gathered materials. Investigate the causes of the infection that triggered the apocalypse by completing quests. Explore the darkest corners of the City to craft unique armor and weapons. Build vehicles that will grant you access to secret areas.

Confront other survivors, greedy for the loot you carry. Unite with others in the streets of Harbortown to fight back zombies and other survivors hiding and hunting for easy prey. Gather your friends and venture together into the most dangerous parts of the city.

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie [1.125] APK + (Mod Money/No Hunger) for Android 2

The world of Prey Day is an open world shooting game set in a vast city destroyed by a wave of infection. You are left to survive with other humans – the real players. You can communicate with any player you meet, join them in a group, or fight against them to take their loot. There are no rules in open world games!

Unite with other players in powerful clans, opening access to clan locations, where you can discover rare items and unlock new craft that can help you in the war against the undead. Together with your clan you can take over abandoned military bunkers, establish a clan base, and start real military action on the streets.

You can craft new weapons and equipment from various items collected on your journey. Trigger new craft recipes that can help protect your life against other players – crafting skills allow you to build your own shelter and protect it with traps!

What caused the apocalypse? In this zombie game you’ll complete quests and explore Harbortown. The best zombie games have rich, mysterious storylines, and Prey Day is no different. Plunge into a whole series of adventures, going down into the city subway, traveling to the mountains and national parks on the edge of the city, and venturing through the wasteland, all while shooting your way through hordes of the walking dead.

Prey Day is one of the most dangerous zombie survival games full of players who may have different goals and methods of survival – run, shoot, defend, team up, target, and fight real players fighting for survival just like you. Shooting games challenge your skill, speed, and reaction time, and when you’re fighting for survival, you’ll do everything you can not to die. With both co op and PVP elements, you can communicate and unite with friends, or oppose and kill competitors – the best traditions of MMO and online multiplayer games!

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie [1.125] APK + (Mod Money/No Hunger) for Android 3

What’s new

– The maximum number of clan members has been increased to 20.
– You can now get additional “hidden” loot in many places by spending a tool.

– Added a new set of armor and a SPAS-12 shotgun.
– Added poisoned bolts for the crossbow.
– Added display of burn and poison effects on enemies.

– A stack of items can now be picked up from the mail in parts.
– Tooltips no longer overlap with your finger.
– Added the option to remove items by dragging them onto the trashbin button.

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie [1.125] APK + (Mod Money/No Hunger) for Android 4

Apps Permissions:

  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • receive data from Internet
  • view network connections
  • full network access
  • control vibration
  • prevent device from sleeping

Whats new?

Happy New Year!– All outdoor locations are now covered with snow! – You can put a Christmas tree in your base again to receive daily quests. – New reward in December season – winter armor set! – Amount of rating points you get for monsters now depends on monster difficulty.– Fixed a bug with some monsters in "Commercial district" respawning. – Fixed an issue with enemy corpse staying in the exit zone in "Graveyard". – Fixed monster sliding after slowing by armor set bonus.

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