Profile.dat for Dream League Soccer 2020 Full List [Latest]

Profile.dat is the Save game data for Dream League Soccer 2020. Download the latest Profile.dat Full List for DLS 2020 Android mobile (Upgraded on DLS 2019) on APKMod1.Com

But first, we need to know about Profile.dat and Why we need Profile.dat for Dream League Soccer 2020

What is Profile.dat?

Dream League Soccer 2020 is an offline game. So as an offline game basically All the game data is stored into the handset. All the Team Data of DLS 20 is stored in a secured database name profile.dat

Profile.dat is the storehouse of all DLS 20 Save Game Data

Each & Every team data, club player information is stored safely here.

Why we need Save Game Data / Profile.dat for DLS 2020?

We can change our team, share our team with others using this save game data / profile.dat

If we don’t have good players we can use a profile.dat of others to have a very strong team. Besides using profile.dat we can make a full squad of a club/team. for example Fc Barcelona, Liverpool, Brazil, Argentina & so on.

Profile.dat for Dream League Soccer 2020 Full List [Latest] 1

Where to find profile.dat on your mobile?

Profile.dat is located in the Data folder Under Android in Storage. Here is the full directory


in this folder, you can get your profile.dat. By replacing this file you can change your Team.

Why using Profile.dat?

Because profile.dat is saved game data.Its the solution of the unlimited coin. Its the alternative of Hacking. If you use this you do not need to hack the game. You can play safely using this and can build your ultimate Team. There is no chance of getting Banned.

How to set new profile.dat?


  • Download Profile.dat
  • Make sure the downloaded file name is profile.dat
  • If it does not rename it to profile.dat
  • go to storage/android/data/com.firsttouchgames.dls3
  • Delete your existing profile.dat from here
  • now move your downloaded profile.dat here
  • Now Launch the game & enjoy it.

Video tutorial install Profile.dat on your Android mobile

Where to download Profile.dat?

No need to worry. We are here to assist you. I am giving you the Save Game data of Every possible Team. You can Download them From Below.

This is the list of Profile.dat collect by our team. This is safe for your phone and just download and follow the above tutorial to install. Then enjoy it!

Download Profile.dat for Dream League Soccer 2020 Full List [Latest]

  • Messi Profile.dat
profile.dat (102051 downloads)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic Profile.dat
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Profile.dat (13211 downloads)
  • Neymar Profile.dat
neymar_profile.dat (15569 downloads)
  • Missing Player Profile.dat ( Zlatan, Tevez, Pirlo, Iniesta, Klose & Many More)
missing-player_profile.dat (24933 downloads)
  • Vip Tallest / Vip Player Team
vip-player-team_profile.dat (19917 downloads)
  • Tallest Player Team
tallest-player-team_profile.dat (6943 downloads)
  • All Player 204CM
all-player-204cm_profile.dat (16700 downloads)
  • Booth Footed
booth-footed_profile.dat (5313 downloads)
  • Online Tier One
online-tier-one_profile.dat (4577 downloads)
  • Muslim Player Fc
muslim-player-fc_profile.dat (3919 downloads)
  • Play Against Own Team
play-against-own-team_profile.dat (2678 downloads)
  • Elite Division
elite-divission_profile.dat (13743 downloads)

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