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ScarFall : The Royale Combat 1.6.5 information:

App nameScarFall : The Royale Combat
PublisherPhoenix Games Team
Platform4.4 and up
Latest ModMoney
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Scarfall, the best royal battle for your mobile phone. This is an online survival shooter. One of the best strategy multiplayer games.

Experience the journey of a real shooter to survive on the battlefields. Explore a shooting environment on parachute landing battles from high-speed flying helicopters. Meet the best strategic multiplayer game that will appear in your store this year. Create your own rules for online and offline multiplayer shooters. Survive in a declining safe zone with a maximum of 3 chances of winning the war and become No. 1 survivor on unknown battlefields.

Showing a death team game and a single death game, which you can play online or offline in intensive 4-by-4 squad mode. Play as a lone soldier OR with a clan to fight rivals answering the call of duty. Scarfall offers TPS (third-person shooter) and FPS (first-person shooter) with modern vehicles to move quickly and reach your final destination in a shrinking circle.

Break the standards of the royal battle and plunge into a modern war of unknown battlefields to become the last person standing in the way of the absolute commando killer in this modern shooting game. So grab your weapon and bring your courage to survive in an exciting survival shooter, Scarfall – The royale battle.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is an increasingly popular third-person or first-person shooter in Battle Royale mechanics. Good graphics, a variety of everything that is possible, the presence of online and offline modes, support for teams up to 4 people, a large territory, freedom of movement, vehicles and much more will surely appeal to fans.

Well, the slightly futuristic atmosphere of the world in which everything happens adds to all events the desired level of originality. A high-quality picture, a choice of parameters according to the characteristics of the players’ gadgets and convenient control provide an opportunity for an excellent pastime.

– load weapons from various modern categories of weapons, such as machine guns, pistols,
– Play as a multiplayer with your friends around the world to enjoy the best battles in the royal battle.
– New and funny conditions for conducting combat games with weapons in a free game on the battlefield.
– A modern arsenal with wide ranges, such as 2x, 4x and 8x, to shoot opponents of action games.
– Challenge your friends by creating your own room and invite them to join
– Charge 2 primary and 1 secondary guns to shoot your rivals as best as possible in intense combat.
– Powerful explosives, melee weapons and medical packs to accompany your survival journey # 1
– A wide range of clothing accessories to get from the card and create your own survival character.
– Survival against the shrinking zone, with a maximum of 3 chances of rebirth in free games with weapons FPS and TPS
– Enjoy a game of survival in the fall with thousands of items on maps that can be mined and equipped.

Whats new?

v1.6.5 GUN WAR - Gun War game mode unlocked. - 3 Maps unlocked. - Manual quality settings added. - Sensitivity improved. - Graphics improved for low end devices. v1.6.4 Lead The Board - Global Rank - Fixed in beta survival game mode v1.6.3 Survival Mode (BETA) - Battle Royale Survival mode added. - Immortal issue fixed. - AI improved. - Black Screen Issue fixed. v1.6.2 - Music While Driving added - FAQ added - Minimap change - FOV issue fixed

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Version 1.6.5:

scarfall-the-royale-combat-v1.6.5-mod.apk (87 downloads)

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