Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money

Download Free Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money APK

Stickman Legends is truly the greatest combination of action Role-playing game (RPG) and Player vs Player (PvP). Based on the epic theme of heroic knights and evils, this top offline fighting-shooting game will bring you to the most awesome and intense adventures.

Are you brave enough to face evil creatures, creepy zombies and dark monsters?
Are you confident enough to test your fighting and shooting skill in one action game?
Get ready to be the greatest hero that free mankind from devils in this intense Shadow War!

In Stickman Legends, you’ll be the chosen one who are master at using swords, guns, shurikens, magic and hammer.
Disguise yourself as a ninja warrior who is on a journey of conquering the dark world.
When the battle begins, the warrior has to fight off the dangerous zombies that are constantly attacking him.
Beat them all by using the great controls and try not to be hard hit by the monsters and their magic legion at the same time.
Warning! This is an insanely hard battle all the time, so do you have the drive, courage and passion to rule this Epic world?

You will be stunned with an amazing graphic & sound effects of Stickman Legends. Be a stickman hero, do some crazy powerful magic and burn the darkness world. Beside that, at the end of each victory, there is a slow motion that will amaze you to the fullest!

Enjoy utilizing the multiple accessories in the best offline rpg game. Some zombies, monsters are extremely dangerous & you will need more powerful weapons than the starting ones. Combine those ones to be better and stronger to fight against those brutal zombies!

There are different epic heroes in Stickman Legends, and the levels, attack, defense & hp are really important in how good you will be to cope with the zombie enemies. Remember to upgrade items and skills by using golds, gems in order to increase hero’s power many times & wipe out the enemies at a glance in each shadow war!

Bring your mighty shadow warriors to the top of this funny action stickman games by battling a smart & skillful way. Make friends all over the world and compete your heroes with them!

Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money

Free Download Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money


Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money (200 downloads)


Stickman Legends v2.3.35 + MegaMods+Unlimited Money (109 downloads)

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  1. Dante says:

    I have a saved account on the original app. Will I be able to login and continue on the mod apk?

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