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Tails.io is an action game. This game created by PONOS Corporation. It requires Android 4.4 and up. At now, this game has many multiplayer on around the world. Let’s join this game now. Don’t forget to download APK MOD free on APKMod1.com and enjoy Tails.io game.

Tails.io [1.0.5] APK (Mod Resources) free for Android 2

Tails.io Game Description

Throw the enemies out with your tail!

Guaranteed excitement with simple control!

Tap & drag to where you want to move, release to rotate and attack with your tail.
That’s all it takes, and palm sweating experiences are waiting for you.

Your tail will grow longer the more meat you eat.

Be careful of poisonous mushrooms.
It’s your choice either to wait until your tail grows and then attack, or start attacking right away as the situation permits!
If you survive regular stages and become 1st, you will go to the next stage.
Collect all the coins in bonus stages.
Boss characters in check points are not the same as regular enemies! Be mindful!
As you become comfortable with the game, why don’t you challenge winning the championship!
Tails.io [1.0.5] APK (Mod Resources) free for Android 3

Good to know

• With regular size meat, your tail will grow by one step.
• You will grow larger if you have larger meat.
• You will shrink with poisonous fungus. But, you can grow back with some meat.
• If you get involved in bomb explosion, your tail will shrink back to original length.
• If you use your tail on bombs, they may explode. Better to push them away instead.
• You can sweep the mushrooms off with your tail. But you can also throw the meats away at the same time, so be sensible in the use of that capability.
• Some area of ground will sink as time passes. There will be more frequent battles because of that.
• You will get a new skin, if you attain higher rank or meet other conditions.
Tails.io [1.0.5] APK (Mod Resources) free for Android 4

What’s new

・Minor bug fixes
・New skins added

Whats new?

・Minor bug fixes ・New skins added

Download Free Tails.io [1.0.5] APK (Mod Resources) free for Android

Version 1.0.5

Tails.iov1.0.5apkmod1.com.apk (2 downloads)

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