The Walking Zombie 2 Zombie shooter [3.3.2] APK + (Unlimited Gold Silvers) for Android
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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter is the sequel to Alda Games’ excellent first-person shooter. Gamers have prepared a new protagonist who was born immune to the virus, which turns people into zombies. Ahead of him is a full-fledged story campaign with a bunch of missions, side quests, visiting cities and fortresses, searching for weapons and ammunition, RPG elements and many other functions that lovers of the walking dead will certainly enjoy. Players are joined this game is increasing. Players are very attracted when playing this game. Let’s discovery this game now. Don’t forget to enjoy The Walking Zombie 2 game with MOD APK free for Android on now. Enter The Walking Zombie 2 game and enjoy

The Walking Zombie 2 Zombie shooter [3.3.2] APK + (Unlimited Gold Silvers) for Android 2

ZOMBIES !! The world after the zombie apocalypse is a gloomy place. You were born in it, so you have to fight to survive and fight with many types of zombies, bandits and dangerous bosses. You will complete important story quests and many side quests, upgrade your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment, and communicate with (un) successful survivors. Walking Zombie 2 is a good old FPS with a history, with dozens of quests and a lot of shooting from different weapons. Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world. They are everywhere, in many different forms and, most importantly, in large numbers. You will use weapons with various ammunition, grenades or melee weapons to finish them off. In the meantime, you can heal yourself with first aid kits and food.

As you complete more and more quests, your character will become stronger thanks to better equipment, improved skills and bonuses received. Are you going to get more life points, more chances to break locks or reduce fuel consumption when driving on a world map? Can your story end safely after such a tragic beginning? Because of the circumstances surrounding your birth, you are the only one who can save the world. You are immune to the effects of the virus, which turns humans and animals into zombies. It also makes you a great weapon against the undead on the planet and a symbol of hope for a better future. Together with the friends you meet along the way, find out the whole truth about your background and find a way to create a medicine, despite the dangers lurking around every corner.

The Walking Zombie 2 Zombie shooter [3.3.2] APK + (Unlimited Gold Silvers) for Android 3

The Walking Zombie 2 Game Features:

  • Good old post-apocalyptic FPS

  • Attractive modern style of polygonal graphics

  • Karma system – good and bad deeds create new opportunities and meetings

  • Dozens of story and side quests

  • A lot of weapons, protective equipment and other equipment

  • Weapon skins

  • A variety of enemies – zombie walkers, bandits and huge mutant bosses

  • Merchants in settlements

  • Fun mini-games and sniper missions

The Walking Zombie 2 Zombie shooter [3.3.2] APK + (Unlimited Gold Silvers) for Android 4

What’s new

The Northtown, Part 2 (3.3.0)

• Second part of Northtown story

• Wedding and party quests

• New weapon sights, skins

• New enemies (spiders, flamethrower)

• New locations (Dead zone, Space center, BioSec, Military base, Prison)

• New car Winter Mustang

• New shovel graphics and new premium shovel Auger

• Improved weapon upgrade system

• Balancing game – Revil, Killer and others

• Adjusted the maximum level of buildings in Grind city

• About 400 issues solved

Whats new?

The City Of Sun, Part 2 * New quests * New bosses * New weapons (3000 edition, laser weapons, M202, BM16, ...) * New encounter quests * Ace - Two random quests * Real estateOthers * Open world - New 3 POI, New max levels of buildings * OldMan and super perks * Reedem codes (hmm, try it "THANKYOU" code :)) * New voice covers * Performance optimalization * Markers in world map * New 3 skins * Lots of bug fixes

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