Virtual Villagers Origins 2 v2.4.18 + MegaMod

Free Download Virtual Villagers Origins 2 v2.4.18 + MegaMod Premium

Build and populate your very own village inside your mobile device!

Return to the famed and mystical island of Isola and be drawn into the latest sequel in the beloved Virtual Villagers series! In the wake of a volcanic terror on the neighboring island of Asura, a family has made their way to Isola, seeking a new home. As their boat lands on the beach, they are greeted by a strange man and begin to explore this mysterious new world.

The beautiful and curious island of Isola was once a paradise home to a thriving civilization but has gone to ruin and untamed jungle. The twists and turns will leave you discovering new, interactive, magical moments at every turn!

Build and explore to grow your town into a city simulator full of adventure!

Help your villagers find love to grow your tribe to a civilization!

Plant, fertilize and water to grow a beautiful garden in your game!

Here are some of the amazing features we can’t wait to share!!

  • Be the master of your own village: With real-time simulation, the ability to customize your villagers’ names and game-changing, random island events, no two tribes will ever be quite the same!

  • Train villagers to become proficient at various skills to perform tasks around the island and survive their new-found world.

  • Explore the charmed island to solve all-new puzzles, and uncover mysterious island secrets.

  • Gather and combine resources from around your new virtual home to craft rare resources and unlock rewards from completed collections.

  • Breed, heal and care for your beloved village children and families; build a sustainable village up from ruins; unlock improved food sources with farming and fishing; craft unique resources for puzzles and collections; and so much more!

  • Power-up villagers with magical necklaces, and improve productivity, life expectancy and much more for your entire village with magical totems and potions!

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 v2.4.18 + MegaMod

Download Free Virtual Villagers Origins 2 v2.4.18 + MegaMod Premium APK

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